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Access Earth is building the world's largest database of accessibility information. To find out how you can benefit please contact us or read more below!

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What is Access Earth?

Accessibility is important for everyone.

How can we help?

Improving fan engagement and increasing consumer confidence


  • Increase travellers confidence with accurate mapping of social distancing assets.
  • Highlight important accessibility features and paths.
  • Allow staff and customers to communicate instantly about issues encountered throughout the airport.


  • Help fans find their safest and most accessible path to their seats.
  • Communicate in real time with stadium goers about important event and promotional updates during match day.
  • Allow accessible information to be conveniently and reliably broadcast to all fans for the best match day experience possible.


  • Encourage student safety during term with interactive maps of all campus buildings and facilities.
  • Help students with accessibility needs find their best path to their classes and social activities.
  • Increase campus event attendance with live markers and tokens.

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Find places based on what's important to you.

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Social Distancing Criteria

Rate or review a businesses social distancing processes to stay informed and safe.

Click-to-call a Place

Easily phone a restaurant, coffee shop, hotel to find more information.

Uber & Lyft Integration

Get turn-by-turn navigation to a place using your preferred travel app.

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